Call ahead for pickup: 585-271-7380

Pizzas are served Monday through Friday starting at 3:30pm, and Saturday and Sunday starting at 11:00am.

Don’t wait to order a pizza. While it doesn’t happen often, we could run out of dough if the demand for pizza is higher than normal.
We have dough made fresh daily, and once it is gone, it is gone.


How Fresh Pizza Ingredients Cook

Fresh pizza is enjoyed best, fresh out of the oven. You will notice on our menu that many of our pizzas are cooked well done. When you use fresh vegetables to make pizza, the steam from the vegetables can slow down the cooking of the crust. The longer the pizza is out of the oven, pizza will lose the crispness in the crust because of this. We extend the cooking time to ensure the crust will remain crisp.


Perfect Pizza

Who doesn’t love a perfect pizza? If you are stopping in for a custom made pizza or calling to pick one up, here is what makes a perfect pie.

  • Fresh dough, made in small batches, daily.
  • A perfect sauce that doesn’t pull away from the pizza, but brings all the flavors together for your taste buds
  • Fresh toppings that come from the market, not from the freezer
  • Real cheese
  • Perfectly timed oven removal
  • Love!